The Solar Opportunity


Solar Income Fund is a Canadian leader is providing quality asset management for its solar energy solutions.


We focus our services and expertise exclusively on being socially and environmentally responsible while providing our investors attractive returns on their investment.


Selling energy under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement can be both stable and predictable. In addition, solar energy provides a green alternative to traditional fossil fuels as a direct energy source.


Correlation is an investment term that refers to how different asset classes move in relation to one another.


Solar energy power generation assets, backed by long-term Power Purchase Agreements, may have a low correlation to other assets.


A strategy of not having all your eggs in one basket is often referred to as Diversification across asset classes.


The ownership of solar energy power generation assets, which are not correlated with the public stock markets, may provide an opportunity for diversification.


Socially responsible investing is a broad definition for an investment strategy which seeks to maximize both financial returns and social good.


When you make a socially responsible or environmentally responsible investment, you act with both your principles and wealth in mind. All of our projects will have a positive impact on reducing CO2 emissions and developing clean renewable energy sources for a sustainable future.




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